is a modern art gallery focusing on high quality Polish and international contemporary and old art.

A competent and innovative approach to the art market is one of the main pillars of our activity, aiming to concentrate the works of the best and most promising artists in the gallery's collection. The gallery showcases a variety of artwork such as paintings, sculptures, works on paper and photographs. WALLSPACE Gallery does not limit itself in its perception of art - the most important is the unique artistic expression.

The artists presented at the gallery are highly regarded by curators, collectors, museums and critics and are included in important collections, museums, auction houses and galleries in Poland and Europe.

The main goal of the gallery is to create memorable exhibitions and develop the careers of emerging contemporary artists and to popularize the work of those who have passed away through the creation of exhibitions, participation in art fairs and other promotional activities.

WALLSPACE Gallery was founded in 2021 by three art passionates who combined their knowledge, experience and ideas to improve the art market. The gallery is located in the historic, old part of Warsaw at the address Foksal 15, in a beautifully renovated tenement house, reminding of the old, artistic character of this street. The history that blends with modernity in this tenement house is a great definition of the face of WALLSPACE Gallery, which wants to sublimely fuse these two extremes together.

The gallery has over 120 m2 of exhibition space in rooms with high ceilings.

Sell your work

WALLSPACE GALLERY specializes in selling the work of established as well as emerging artists. If you have a painting, sculpture, photograph or any other form of artwork, please contact us and our qualified team will help you identify and achieve the best price for your object through effective online promotion as well as through gallery and private sales.

How does it work?

Step 1

Show us you work

Call, write or make an appointment in the gallery and show your artwork. Our team of experts will check, verify and evaluate your application. Remember! If you send us a photo via email, we ask that you provide the best quality photograph possible so that we can take a close look at it. If possible, include a description of the artwork to speed up the process. After our internal analysis, a free quote will be provided to you.

Step 2

Exhibition of the work on the market

Upon acceptance of the terms outlined, we will actively promote your artwork to the marketplace by offering it to our current clients and those who interact with our gallery and visit our social media on a monthly basis. In addition, we will also be able to display it physically on the walls of our gallery so that visitors can see its beauty with their own eyes.

Step 3

Sale of the work

We will stay in touch throughout the sales process and keep you updated on any interest and offers received for your work. Once the offer is accepted, we will arrange payment within 14 working days and our logistics team will arrange shipping to the buy.

Contact us about the sale

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